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Marriage is one of the greatest blessings the Lord has given us. We all start our married lives hoping and praying that it will be as wonderful as we always dreamed. But somewhere around the honeymoon’s end we realize this marriage thing might not be as easy as we thought. Uniting two individuals into one takes work–hard work. But when God is the center of our marriage, this hard work brings great satisfaction, joy, and a closeness that only He can provide. And that’s where we want to help.

About This Website

Simply One is a place where we celebrate oneness in marriage as the Lord designed it.

On this website you will find…

•  Words of encouragement and inspiration from God’s Word on living life as a faithful husband or wife. We will have blog posts for husbands, for wives, and some for both. (All blog posts can be found under Blog in the header menu.)

•  Weekly teachings of biblical principles in our Couple’s Bible Study posts. (See the links to these posts on the Couple’s Bible Study page.)

•  Tools to help you apply these principles and grow closer to each other, to the Lord, and to the likeness of Christ. (All tools are listed and linked on the Free Resources page).

•  Suggested activities for a special time together. This one is just for fun–the pure enjoyment side of marriage. (See these links under Simply Fun.)

It’s our desire to be used by God to help you build a stronger marriage. We are certainly not experts. We are simply one couple who loves the Lord, loves you, and loves sharing what God is teaching us about bringing Him glory through our marriages.

Whether you are newly married, not yet married, been married a long time, are married to a believer or an unbeliever, this website is for you. The biblical principles found here will benefit everyone interested in knowing how to have a wonderful marriage.

We want Simply One to be a place where you can find encouragement and truth from God’s Word to help you grow closer together. We pray your time here will be inspiring and helpful. And we pray that the Lord will strengthen your marriage as you seek His will for your lives.

You may email us (see Contact Us) with your comments or any questions you may have. We also welcome suggestions on topics you would like us to address. And, please, if you have a personal prayer request, let us know. It would be our privilege to lift you up in prayer concerning the struggles you are facing.

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About Us

We met while still teenagers and married pretty early (at least by today’s standards). The Lord has blessed us with thirty-eight years of marriage and our precious daughter and son. And we now have a wonderful son-in-law and sweet little grandson!  As with many of you, we have gone through various stages and challenges through the years. But the Lord has blessed in each and every one!

About page
David has always loved learning. He was still in college when we married. And he continued on with three seminary degrees, learning all he could about properly using the Scriptures and fulfilling God’s call to minister. He pastored for ten years and then taught other ministers for sixteen years at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He loves teaching and has a passion for helping others through the lessons of the Bible.

But a sudden, severe infection early in 2013 left him with impaired speech, memory, and motor skills–all which are needed to teach in a classroom. And sadly this disability led to his stepping down from the work he so enjoyed. God could have taken him home to heaven, but He didn’t. He’s still here, and the Lord’s still got work for him to do.

As for me, I’ve worked off and on during our married years, but mostly have enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom and minister’s wife. It’s one of my greatest joys to walk beside this man God’s given me and work beside him as we serve the Lord together.

I began blogging about living life in Christ in 2013 on another site. The experience has been wonderful, and I’ve met so many of you through this online community. God gave me a new desire to blog with my husband–to minister together with him. And when we started talking about writing a blog together, the Lord placed married couples on our hearts…and Simply One in Marriage was born.

During his tenure as pastor and professor David had many opportunities to teach and counsel on marriage and the family. And through the years, we’ve both developed a heart for husbands and wives and the struggles that come with being married to another person.

We’re just like most of you–striving to be a godly husband and godly wife and needing a lot of help along the way. We’ve had our ups and downs…our struggles and joys…our victories and defeats. We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we believe God has given us everything in His Word we need to know to live according to His plan. And as He shows us His truth and counsels us with steps to strengthen our life as husband and wife, we will share it with you. And we pray God will use it to bless your marriage, too.

We hope you’ll come along with us on our marriage journey and share with us your journey as well. We look forward to connecting with you!

Grace and peace to you,
Sabra (and David) Penley