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This post is about enjoying life. That’s what Simply Fun. posts are all about. No careful writing. No great biblical insight. Just sharing the fun things in life.

When was the last time you went on a walk together–just the two of you?

Song of Songs 2:10 – “My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.'”

Finding time for each other is a challenge for every married couple. Our busy lives keep us running around, but often in separate directions. There are so many distractions and responsibilities. It’s hard to stay connected. To enjoy being together. To just breathe.

Wouldn’t you love to get away? Take a break from home and work and all the demands that bury you in a pile of stuff that needs to be done? A relaxing, secluded beach somewhere? Or maybe a quiet cabin in the woods? Or…(insert your ideal getaway here)?

Oh, that times away could come more often!

But when a real getaway isn’t possible, a simple walk together just might be the answer.

Think about it. You don’t have to plan or pack or make arrangements. All you have to do is step outside the door…and go.

There’s just something wonderful about being outdoors. It has a refreshing effect on our souls. It allows room for us to breathe, to get a different perspective, and to connect in ways we won’t connect stuck inside the house…or in a restaurant…or at a mall.

A Simple Walk Together | Simply One in Marriage.

David and I love our walks together. Long fitness walks. Short strolls. Following a familiar trail. Or seeking adventure on a new path. We’ve enjoyed them all. For us, it’s simply fun.

And the benefits are many.

Why Go for a Walk Together?

♦  It’s a free date.
♦  You can spend time together–just the two of you.
♦  There are fewer distractions away from home.
♦  It gives you a break from responsibilities of home and work.
♦  It allows you to enjoy God’s creation up close, noticing the simple beauty and wonder of nature.
♦  You never know what kind of wildlife you might see.
♦  You can breathe in fresh air.
♦  It’s a great opportunity to talk about what’s on your minds. Hopes and dreams. Struggles. Upcoming decisions.
♦  It’s great exercise.
♦  It helps you think through things.
♦  It helps you unplug (as long as you put away your phone).
♦  It reduces stress.
♦  It helps you remember you are in this life together…on a journey.
♦  It can be very romantic.

Just a Few Tips…

♦  Before you go, put your phone on silent. (This is the time to focus on each other–to proactively eliminate as many potential distractions as possible.)
♦  Wear sunscreen (if during the day).
♦  Take water with you.
♦  Wear comfortable shoes.
♦  Notice God’s creation around you. Breathe in its wonder and beauty.
♦  Find a bench or nice spot to take a little rest…maybe offer a prayer of thanks to the Lord.
♦  To make it even sweeter, hold hands while you walk. There’s just something wonderful about walking hand-in-hand…a beautiful picture of the way marriage should be.
♦  If you don’t have much time, take a short stroll around the block after dinner.
♦  Try a longer walk when you have a little more time.
♦  Seek out walking trails in your area and try them all.
♦  When traveling, search online for trails at your destination. (We’ve enjoyed exploring the trails of various areas we’ve visited. You’d be amazed how many cities and even little towns have trails just for this purpose. Our favorites have been the old railroad lines that have been converted to walking trails.) One website we’ve used: www.traillink.com.
♦  If you have kids, take them along sometimes. Walking can be simply fun for the whole family.

So why not take a little break, grab your spouse, and head out the door? A simple little walk might just be the only getaway you need.

What other suggestions or tips can you share with us? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Praying the Lord will bless you with enjoyable times!

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When was the last time you went on a walk with your spouse? It might just be the most enjoyable think you do all week. And it's a great way to get away and get connected when life gets a little too busy. | Simply Fun. | Simply One in Marriage


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